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At OSHA International  : We believe in nurturing a strong safety culture and we put our continuous effort to provide our clients with a safe working environment.


We offer a comprehensive health  safety, environmental and risk management consultancy services for government /semi government/private sectors, commercial buildings, manufacturing units, large industrial plants hospitals, five star hotels, and office premises. ,

Excellence in business can be achieved by pro active approach and optimizing cost. At OSHA International, we work overtime to ensure that our customers get the best technology and most prudent advice. Place your trust in our consultants’ solid technical knowledge. Our experts and advisors draw upon many years of experience across a broad range of industries. Our areas of specialization include:


Safety Audit : At OSHA International, we offer  industrial safety inspections and audits for level 1,level 2,level 3 in occupational health safety environmental risk management and provide safety consultancy services for commercial buildings, manufacturing units, large industrial plants and office premises.


OSHA International has the capacity to present a powerful blend of technical, operational and business know-how integrated with sector-specific regulatory and risk management skills. Our experience is available to support our client\'s ongoing safe and sustainable operation throughout the production cycle.


Risk Assessment / management services : That equips you with the intelligence on portfolio trends and customer behaviour with a vision to effectively identify your ‘best’ and profitable customers.


Customer Care : We are passionate about strengthening our clients with most innovative and economical solutions. 


Our Services :

1.       Corporate Training

      2.       Onsite  Training

      3.       In House Training

      4.       Safety Inspections

      5.       Industrial Safety Surveys

      6.       Industrial Safety Inspections

      7.       Industries Accident investigation

      8.       Emergency Evacuation Drill

      9.       Environment Safety Consultancy

      10.    Safety Advisors Contracts

      11.    Safety Management Systems

      12.    Risk Assessment & Management

      13.    Safety Plans & Safety Policies

      14.    Site Safety Consultancy

      15.    Safety Office Records,(Compliance )

      16.    Safety Statistics & Documentation Set-up

      17.    Safety Sampling

      18.    Safety Audits Internal / External

      19.    ICS System

      20.    ISP Codes Standards



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